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new ford escape

If ford won’t, then are there any other car dealerships that will allow me to lease with bad credit because i really don’t want to have to buy another beater…..

A: Financed cars is more expensive to insurance cause it requires full coverage. You can compare how much you would pay for full coverage of this car using this tool –

Q: Delivery allowance on a new Ford Escape?
On the website it says there is a $5000 delivery allowance on a new 2009 Ford Escape. I am wondering what this is? Is it just a rebate or is there a catch (like certain financing or down payment required)? Also, can the price come down even more than this with some haggling?

A: It sounds like a form of rebate. Look at other Ford dealer ads and see if this is offered elsewhere and the Ford website to see if this info is listed…if not at other dealers or Ford ’site, it may be a “come on ” ad to get you into the dealership

Q: How much does it cost to fill up your new ford escape hybrid?

A: $38

Q: On the new Ford Escape does anyone know if the $2006 rebate is a Ford Incentive and the dealer can do more?
I’m trying to determine if I can prod the dealer to give their usual MSRP discount on top of the current $2006 rebate on the Ford Escape.

A: I don’t know specifically what incentives are on this vehicle but you can obtain disclosure from the dealership. Just ask the finance manager what incentives there are. She or he will tell you what factory incentives there are and they may have additional ones that are available to buyers who qualify (i.e. students get a rebate or discount at certain dealers during certain periods of the year). Also there are differences in incentives depending on whether you are buying or leasing and if financing, whether you do it through Ford Credit or through an outside lender (bank or trust co.). I worked for Ford for four years (in service) and would not hesitate to buy an Escape. SI no longer work there (moved up to a better job) and I know several people who have them – all of them love this truck. You might (as a last resort) also try the site and use the contact link to inquire about national programs.

Q: Would a new Ford Escape XLS with no extra features be Sirius capable?
I’m looking at an Escape XLS with no extra features. I know that the XLT and Limited modes come with a 6 month subscription, but would the radio in the XLS be Sirius capable? I can’t seem to find any info on this.

A: it might be an option, best way to know is to look at the roof, if you see the little “puck” antenna it is Sirius capable.

Q: Considering buying the new Ford Escape or Mazda Tribute. Which is better?
I know the Tribute and Escape are the same; sister vehicles. I thought maybe the Mazda would be more reliable..being a Mazda. I had a Mazda Precidia lasted me 12 years.
OTOH the Escape is cheaper and gives more options for less.

A: They are essentially the same vehicle. I think the Mazda’s exterior trim is a little prettier.

Q: My new 2007 Ford Escape SUV is totaled, so how much is it worth now?
I bought a new 2007 Ford Escape about 6 months ago, and it only has 8000 miles on it. After a recent roll over, due to ice, my vehicle has been totaled by the insurance company.

It was a 2 wheel drive XLT, V6 engine. With other features like leather seats, sunroof, cargo privacy cover, and upgraded radio/sound system.

I know a new car loses value after driving off the dealership lot, and that the insurance company is most likely going to give me a check based on the depreciated value of the SUV.

State Farm Insurance uses NADA retail value books, but does anyone have any other idea of how much money I should be expecting?

A: Figure $2k – $5k less than you paid for it, depending upon how good a deal you got on it.

My ‘06 Fusion with 14.5k miles stickered at $26,045 and I paid $22,300 (I’m eligible for X-Plan pricing). It books out at $21,300 right now. That’s unusually good, most cars don’t do nearly that well.

Q: What can I do to pimp out my new 2006 Ford escape at a resonable price?
I just purchased my first NEW car and want to make it look cool – but I’m on a tight budget. Any suggestions for ways to upgrade it without breaking the bank?

A: the best bet is to just make sure you have it super clean and shiny every week. I think anyone who “pimps” out their car as basically saying “I couldn’t afford anything nicer so I have to pimp this one out to make myself look cool” which is silly because people spend more money doing this than they do on the actual cars sometimes, plus I really like the ford escapes- they don’t need much. If you really want to make it look sharp though without being tacky, try getting plain dark tinted windows, a few silver accents, decent stereo, and keep it clean and shiny, inside and out. This makes a better impression and turns my head much moer than a crazy looking car with funky wheels, wierd window tints and silly stripes down the side. It’s a nice brand new car– just take care of it!!

Q: How do I activate the sattellite radio in my new 2008 Ford Escape?
I know the car is equipped, but how do I activate it?
I get the manual tomorrow, I just wanted to activate it tonight…

A: It is already activated ! Just press the button that says “SAT”
Your free subscription starts as soon as the dealer reports the sale, but the “Sirius” is already there & active.

I don’t know why you have to wait till tomorrow for a manual…they should have given you the manual with the vehicle…..very odd.
You can download the manual for free here too:

Enjoy ! Check out the all commedy channels! (they’re my favorite!)

Q: Does anyone know if the new 08 Ford Escape is worth getting?
I’m looking to get a hybrid car or suv in the next few months. This just happens to be in the running for my next vehicle. I do like to drive and i would like to get more involved in the outdoors. Would it be a wise choice?

A: It is a fine car. I’m getting tired of hearing people bad mouth American cars. Don’t be a sheep, buy a Ford Hybrid if you like it.

Q: Is $160 reasonable for a new 2007 Ford Escape Key?
I only have one key for my newly purchased 2007 Escape. My local dealer (Alexandria, VA) has quoted $60 for the key and $100 for the programming.

Is that a realistic cost? Can it be done cheaper?

Many thanks.
To clarify, it’s just a chipped key as I have a separate remote fob.

A: If it has the remote built in, jump on it. If it is the plain chip key, that is almost 3X too much.

Q: Do I really need the Ford Protector Package on New (2008) Escape?
I live in Wisconsin and just purchased at 2008 Ford Escape. They are trying to get me to buy a Protector Package which in theory will help keep the body safer from salt, won’t require waxing, will make the vehicle quieter etc….
Any thoughts?
Please no Ford bashing – that decision has been made.

A: It’s a dealer scam to get more money. All dealers do it and it’s not a manufacture thing, it’s the dealer.

Q: New Ford Escape????
does anyone drive a new ford escape? if so it is good on gas and on average how much would it be per month to lease it?

A: The new Ford Escape is really good on gas (22/28+ mpg) and I’ve heard promotions before that you can get one for $249 or $299 a month. And also to respond to the previous answer, a Toyota Highlander would NOT be a good choice. The Highlander is a much bigger SUV and it is not the same quality as the Escape.

Q: I have a Ford Escape 2003 and I’m thinking of trading it in for the new Ford Fusion.?
My car is valued at 7,000 dollars, do you think that is a good trade in value? I would like to finance the new Ford Fusion which is selling for about 18,000.00. How much do you think I would have to pay a month?

A: I have a 2006 Fusion which I leased for 320.00 per month for 36mos the sticker on the window was 23k I love the car and I will get another one when the lease is up. As far as the dodge charger comment saying ford sucks, that charger looks like a stretched version of the hyundai sonata

Q: I just bought a new Ford Escape Hybrid?
How do you feel about that?

A: I have no feelings one way or the other.

WHy would I? I dont know you, and its not my car. I will never ride in it. It has no impact on my life at all.

Drive an Escape, or drive a hog-cart for all I care

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