new Toyota Highlander

A: that little bastard dissed a Roadmaster wagon. my parents used to have one when i was a kid, and that sucker had an LT1 Corvette engine stock. i hate those ads.

Q: 2004 Toyota highlander new stereo system?
I currently have a factory stereo system. What do you recommend I replace the front and back speakers with? Also can i move JBL speakers from a newer 2007 toyota higlander to my 2004 toyota higlander? If so, how? BTW the 2007 toyota highlander owner already gave me the ok to do this.

A: It will depend on size,watts and independence of the JBLs.

Q: Brand new Toyota Highlander?
i currently have a 2005 toyota highlander, finished paying for it not to long ago. Looking at a brand new Highlander, but i'm not sure if i should get it because of the recalls, pricing, and competition. I love toyota's, but i'm not sure if it's even worth getting. Should i get it, or just look into something else?? (if so, what?) THANKS!! :)

A: You have a Toyota, presumably you are happy with the brand, you know what its like to have a quality trouble free vehicle, yet you want to take a chance? And try something else? Any recalls will be taken care of if you get a new vehicle. Recalls are commonplace with other makers, yet Toyota recall made headlines. Yes Toyota is worth getting.

Q: When should I perform the first oil change for a new 2006 Toyota Highlander?
Is it truly recommended to change the oil after the first 5,000 miles? Does metal shaving from the motor truly collect in the motor oil? I've noticed the used oil still looks new and clean after 5,000 miles.

A: Are you going to keep this car forever?
If so, change the oil after 500 miles. and the oil filter(for the FIRST time). Why? minute iron or aluminum filings can exist during the break in period, and we are only talking about 20 bucks here if you do it yourself.
If the car is leased, or if you usually get a new car every 5 or 6 years.... who cares. Wait until every 5000 miles. Nothing lasts forever.
YOU SHOULD REPLACE your oil plug with a magnetic oil plug. You'll be surprised to see how many iron fillngs collect on it, in the oil pan even after 15 years of driving. Imagine the iron filings from a NEW engine.

Q: Where can I get roof rails for my new - used Toyota Highlander?
The dealership said to get Toyota manufactured roof rails it would be $1500. And the aftermarket would be $450. That is still more than what I was looking for. I want something that looks like the Toyota brand but am not willing to pay that much for them. Anyone know where I can get some?

A: I did this with a Nissan quest that had nothing, I installed the track rails and got the lockable thule crossbars all from these guys:

Many options depending on budget and it comes with instructions.

Good luck!

Q: does anyone know who sings the song in the new 2008 toyota highlander commerical?
it's the one with the mirrored image effect, and the guy dancing in his seat in the passenger side. it sounds like it's girls, and in a foreign language.

A: This web site maybe able to help you.

Q: when did the new Honda Pilot launch? when did the new Toyota Highlander launch?

A: Pilot Summer Of 2003
Highlander Early 2001

Q: so i want a new toyota highlander...?
i have a 2004 chevy trailblazer very good condition low miles almost 18,000 and i want to trade it in for 08 toyota highlander...but i need tips... how much i should pay for it... should i not tell them about my trade in until i get hopefully the lowest price?? What do u think i can get for my car?? Fyi I plan to do this in denver, colorado if that helps!

A: 1.Don't negotiate the trade at the same time with the car you're buying....actually, don't tell that that you want to trade anything before you work out the numbers with the new vehicle.

2. Know the invoice of the car.
$27,300 - $34,150
$24,297 - $30,393
You can't expect to get less than the invoice.

3. Know the value of your trade.
Go to trade-in value.

Q: when could we first test drive the new Toyota highlander 2008 is it this 3rd week of this month?


Edmunds says fall of 07 is the release date.

Q: i am planning to buy a new toyota highlander 2008 4x4, 3.5L V6 Non-Hybrid Engine, Sport, 5-Speed Automatic?
the vehical costs 31400 $. if with options I that costs $ 6275 as per toyota website and added rear dvd entertainment system it costs 37675$. How much is the cost for this vehicle out the door.

A: More than what one should pay. plus there is the cost of tax title and license. add a 1200 to 2000 to that depending on which state or country

Q: Was I the winner for a new toyota highlander contest. i am in need of a car.?
I am 29 yr old female. I have been entering car contests for the past year. My old car didnt pass state inspection so now i am with out a car for th past half of the year. I work but its not enough for my expensives.

A: ok huh??

Q: my brother purchased a toyota highlander 2005 new at the time.He needed tires,rotors and brake pads.Is?
anything on warrantee being he has only 45,000 miles on the truck.It is not a lease he purchased it brand new ..

A: If anything, your brother probably caused some damage that won't be covered by the warranty because HE DIDN'T PERFORM PROPER MAINTENANCE FOR THE CAR.

ALWAYS have the brake pads and rotors checked during oil changes. They typically last between 20,000 to 30,000 miles before they need to be changed. If you don't and the brake pads wear all the way down, it will damage your rotors (I'll bet that's what happened).

45,000-mile tire tread wear is normal. Getting new tires after that many miles is part of normal maintenance.

I'll bet your brother probably never bothered to change the grease in the differentials either. They need to be changed every 20,000 miles, ditto transmission fluid.

You want that car to work properly? Stop deferring maintenance!

Q: I'm a teen looking to buy a new the toyota highlander a good car?
How is the Toyota Highlander?

A: solid car.. it will get you to 200k miles

just have it checked out by a mechanic

use to see the value of the car

my first car was a toyota and i loved it

Q: What is the difference between the Honda Pilot and the Toyota Highlander (newest ones for 2010)?
My family is looking into buying a new car! We can't decide between a Pilot or a Highlander! Any help? Oh and IDK what the budget is!
Were mainly just looking for the difference in space! We have 2 parents and 2 daughters who have friends over!

A: Pilot has standard V6 and 3rd row seating. Both are optional on the Highlander.

Q: Does anybody know when the new 08 Toyota Highlander will be released for sale?

A: Most Toyota models are released as early as July, while the industry average is around October. It says on the Toyota website that the regular version would be out summer, while the hybrid will be out in fall.